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Corporate structure

Trodat Firmenstruktur


The Trodat Group was transformed into its current foundation and corporate structure in 1999. A modern corporate governance structure was implemented and supervisory board deployed to ensure stable, successful development.

 Trodat CEO Michael Peduzzi

Michael Peduzzi, Ing. Mag., has been active in the Trodat Group's corporate management since 2002.






 Trodat CFO Peter Hofmann

Peter Hofmann, Mag., has been the Trodat Group's chief financial officer since September 2009.







Trodat Holding GmbH's shareholders (trustees) have appointed the following board members:

Photos from left to right:
Walter Just, KR Dkfm. (supervisory board, Trodat founder)
Gerhard Luftensteiner, Ing. Mag. (board chairman of KEBA AG)
Dir. Günter Stadlberger, CFP (CEO of Raiffeisenbank Wels)
Michael Teufelberger, Dr. Dkfm (chairman of the Teufelberger Holding AG board of directors)
Hubert Trunkenpolz, Ing. Mag. (KTM Sportmotorcycle AG board of directors)
Erich Schönleitner, Mag. Dr. (managing director of Pfeiffer HandelsgmbH/Holding) 


 Walter Just Ing. Mag. Gerhard Luftensteiner Dir. Günter Stadlberger Dkfm. Dr. Michael Teufelberger Ing. Mag. Hubert Trunkenpolz Mag. Dr. Erich Schönleitner